May 22, 2024
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Top Recommended New Beverages 2024

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When you hear the word “beverage” the brain begins to visualize images of various favourite drinks along with special memories of their flavours. The word “beverage,” to many, may mean only tea or coffee, but in reality, it includes many types of drinks around the globe, ranging from cider, ale, ginger beer, martinis, gin and vodka, to name a few. Do not be surprised by the fact that there are some beverages (similar to tea and coffee) that do not contain alcohol or possess a little percentage. This blog gives you valuable information on the top recommended new beverages 2024.

Though the beverage word is of French origin, we will start focusing on products from the global point of view.

When it comes to the common beverages, you cannot help but admire the wide variety of beverages the public prefer to have, right from their breakfast (tea or coffee) or having a candlelight dinner with cocktails (mocktails) in any part of the globe.

1. Cider Beverage

Cider is one of the highest consumed beverages in UK and Ireland, and the company, Heineken is going to launch a new version of its popular product, Strongbow. Called as Strongbow Zest, it contains apple cider with carefully mixed portions of orange, lemon and lime flavours to cater to the public thirst. This new product, to be released in June 2024, does not contain artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. 

The English people are waiting with bated breath for the new version which may be one of the top recommended beverages 2024. So, are you also ready to taste the new flavour if you are in the UK?

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2. English Ale

When it comes to English Beer, the drink is well-known as a staple of the English people’s diet, and they like to have the same at pubs. Hydes 1863, has launched 18 strong range ales in 2024. 12 are seasonal ales, while the other six are Vintage Ales.

The Vintage ales are as follows:

  • Anvil Brand Brown Stout
  • Nut Brown Ale
  • Anvil Best
  • Anvil Brand Pale Ale
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Anvil Best

The ABV percentage in these ales ranges from 3.8 % to 4.8%.

When it comes to the 12 seasonal ales, the year ranges from 1895 to 1941 and is themed around cult TV shows that feature the best popular names, such as Phoenix Nights and Only Fools & Horses. The Hydes 1863 brewery is always known for producing new cask ales every year. Its patrons and loyalists hope that these 18 ales, released in January 2024, will satisfy the needs of the people. Unlike the previous name, Hydes 1863 ales make it to the top recommended beverages 2024.

3. Jack & Ginger Ale

This brand has a long impressive list of cocktails, but the product released this year is called the Jack & Ginger Ale. Having an ABV of 7%, it can be obtained as a single bottle or in four number packs. Already known as one of the most preferred Ready to Drink (RTD) cocktails, and one of the fastest-growing brands in the spirits category, the company is hoping for a record sale this year.

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4. Zoya Special Batch Gin

Gin has been always considered a classical English drink, but this product was launched in January 2024 by one of India’s largest spirits companies, called the Allied Blenders & Distillers Limited (ABDL). Its constituents comprise of mainly grain, natural spirits along with other ingredients to give it a perfect taste. One of the top recommended new beverages 2024 that you have to taste this year. So, kindly make a note of the name in your selected list.

5. Absolut Vodka & SPRITE

This cocktail product, developed by two brands, Absolut Vodka and SPRITE (the famous lemon-lime soft drink), was available in the UK market in February 2024. As per the recent updates, the ABV in this product is 5 percent but can vary when the product gets exported to other countries. Absolut Vodka & SPRITE has two versions:

  • Sprite
  • Sprite Zero Sugar

6. Aspen Vodka

WES Brands (a Spirits company from the US) has collaborated with Aspen Distilleries (Colarado) and developed a new product, Aspen Vodka. This product, designed as a result of the oldest process of vodka preparation contains pure ingredients and as per experts, is bound to have a crisp taste.

7. Ginger Beer

Unlike the other beers which are prepared from grains, this type is prepared from fermented ginger, water and the required amount of sugar. In the present market, they are considered non-alcoholic because of their low content of alcohol (0.5 percent).

In the UK, Sunnyside Drinks Co released a new product, Sunnyside Alcoholic Ginger Beer in the first week of April 2024. Released in two flavours, this drink, as per its owner Christian Heath, is going to be the preferred ginger beer, that is devoid of preservatives, wine, foaming agents, as well as sweeteners.


Hope you have taken note of the top recommended new beverages 2024 mentioned in the blog, that are bound to make a dramatic impact on the drinking habits of the global population. If we have not included any of the specific beverages which have made many a loyalist in 2024, then we request you to give their names in the Comments section.

Blog by Sathya Narayana B.

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