April 21, 2024

Top 10 trends in the global healthy food and beverage industry



Consumers have prioritised health and made it a top priority as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are now wisely selecting foods that pose fewer health concerns. In the post-COVID era, customers seek goods that promote both physical and mental well-being, including more traditional foods and beverages that assist in emotional health management.

Consequently, the food and beverage industry has witnessed robust growth over the past few years. There have been some significant shifts as well, along with robust growth. The sector has witnessed an increasing trend from imitation toward innovation, as new technology drives product development.

We can see strong growth in vegan food trends. Non-vegans are jumping on the bandwagon as they are becoming more nutrition conscious. Such individuals are referred to as “flexitarians” (or semi-vegans) and constitute a new but broad customer base. But producers may need to be watchful about the importance of flavour when launching new products in this niche market.

As technological progress gains more importance in the industry, the next big thing is customer delight. Companies have started to explore new technology and find ways and methods to entice consumers.

Keeping in mind the above said shifts and trends in the food and beverage industry, it is evident that the consumer will get the most benefit out of it. After all, they are the ones who are driving the change. So, let us take a look at the top 10 products that drive sales and define the food and beverage industry. Also, let us take a look at some of the technological trends in the food and beverage industry that will continue to test, shake up and lure producers and consumers!

1. Plant-based foods:


Plant-based vegetable trends are now incredibly popular on a global scale in a post-covid world. A significant trend toward healthy and organic items was seen in the COVID situation. For many consumers, this tendency quickly developed into a way of life.

The Vegan diet trend has not shown any signs of going away soon, as more and more consumers are embracing healthier lifestyles and turning to plant-based foods in the process. The trend of meat- and dairy-free diets is gaining popularity, supported by celebrities, top chefs, and retailers filling the aisles.

Even though it may sound futuristic, certain lab results are showing some encouraging signs of success with this “clean meat” also known as ‘lab-grown meat’. So, will “from farm to table” eventually change to “from lab to table”? Let’s watch how this develops.

2. Non-Dairy Beverages:

Alternatives to dairy milk are more palatable, wholesome, and inexpensive. These dairy alternatives are formulated with different types of nuts and seeds and naturally available sweeteners for taste. These beverages are part of a healthy and balanced diet that consists of proteins, vitamins, and calcium, which is essential for healthy bones.

3. Snack bars with functional ingredients:


As customers look for alternatives to supplements, functional additives in food are a current trend that is exponentially expanding. Foods with useful ingredients are gaining popularity in the snack section, a fast growing sector. A growing number of people choose food over drugs as a preventative measure for health and wellness. A snack category with extra health benefits has emerged as a growing market trend.

4. Health drinks:

Water can help you satisfy your thirst, and if you have a craving for something more, these nutritious drinks will increase your body’s nutritional content. These health beverage products are developed with the aim of improving your health. An array of health drinks that satisfy your thirst while being beneficial as a balanced diet, are mentioned below.

  1. Sports drinks and energy drinks
  2. Cognitive health beverages
  3. Whey Protein drinks

5. Ready to eat breakfast cereals:

Breakfast cereals are produced by the extrusion method from refined grains. Cereal breakfast products are incorporated with nuts and muesli to give a punchy flavour to your product.

6. Pasta and noodles:

The most popular dish among adults is pasta and noodles. Consequently, a balanced diet can be maintained by including the right nutrients in the pasta and noodle recipes.

7. Indian street food:


The trend of Asian street cuisine has been popular for quite a while now. This is evident when we observe the fact that Asian-themed eateries have been lucrative for the past ten years and more.

However, as many iterations of Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean BBQ stores and restaurants reach their peaks, consumers are yearning for new types of cuisine and combinations. There is a new star on the horizon that might just help the industry satisfy any “after Asia needs” as master chefs travel the world and return with new spices, flavours, and textures to incorporate into classic dishes influenced by peasant food markets. We are considering the Indian disheswith one of the richest culinary traditions and plenty of choices.

To prevent ruining a dish, one needs to be skilled and knowledgeable while using the aromatic spices, fruits, and vegetables that are grown all across this lush land. The F&B industry is in dire need of the wide geography and diverse demographic areas of India, each with its traditions and local cuisines that differ significantly in terms of cooking methods and utensils.

People are not satisfied with colourful curries anymore. Grilled, smoked, and seared dishes are the flavour of the day. As a result, Indian cuisine will be combined with local favourites in new ethnic culinary niches, according to a study by a consulting firm. The slogan is “new yet recognisable,” like with barbecued chicken fries and cheese curds or hot lamb burritos. Can Indian dishes eventually become the next fusion food?

8. The new fast-casual:

In recent years, the fast-casual market has proven to be profitable thanks to 1-minute cooking, fresh and healthful selections, customer engagement, and a plethora of choices in the dish preparation process.

However, depending exclusively on freshness, healthy choices, and fantastic flavours and textures won’t be enough for these establishments to succeed in the future. There is an increased demand for food from consumers, anywhere and anytime.

Consequently, fast casual operators must consider how to offer quick home delivery, drive-throughs, or self-serve kiosks.

9. One dish wonders or ODWs:

Authenticity works best at one-dish eateries or one-dish delights like shawarma restaurants, hotpot restaurants, and more.

Restaurants that serve only one dish are still growing. It all comes down to specialisation, location and exploring markets where few or no competitors have yet dabbled, claiming a place, and offering a distinctive experience while streamlining inventories and boosting profitability.This has primarily been savoury up to this point, but expect additional dessert enticements or one-hit wonders to appear.

The pastry industry is a prime example of this possibility. The benefit of the pastry industry is that anything and everything can be made from scratch. Therefore, I wouldn’t be shocked to find some really exciting product developments created by highly trained and creative people as millennials enter the workforce. Apple pie made of kryptonite, anyone?

10. Companion beverage bars:

Once again, the homebrewed handmade alcoholic beverages are trending. For example, non-alcoholic handmade fruit drinks, like Cherry-Yuzu, Ginger-Lemon, or Passion Fruit-Lime.

As new beverage concepts are being brought into restaurants, the distinction and artistry of handcrafted craft sodas and spirits are becoming more and more obvious. These restaurants are referred to as companion beverage bars, which are classified as exclusive, adaptable, very lucrative establishments that concentrate on homemade or handcrafted beverages.

The new differentiating feature and a source of competitive advantage will be innovative innovations, such as smoked and grilled ingredients, alcohol-free plant-based liquors, trademark house craft brews, and customer-tailored beverages.


In conclusion, these tendencies follow logically from the sector’s recent development. We should be prepared to encounter some astounding new ideas centred on sincere, open, highly tailored, and specialised food and beverage offerings, but still keeping profitability in mind in a sector that has historically had low margins due to high labour expenses. Such advancements give rise to a paradigm change in not only what and how we do things, but also why we do them, and are highly inspirational. A good 2018 vintage in this fascinating industry should be the outcome of the seeds cultivated over the last couple of years.

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