May 22, 2024

Brands Review Magazine Awards

Recognizing the Top Brands from across the Globe. We Appreciate the most Popular International Brands and establish the rising brands to look out for.

If your company deserves a place among the top brass, list it in our nominations today.

Brands Review Magazine Annual Awards


November 2022 - February 2023

Brands Review Magazine reveals the latest trend in the industry and these awards are a symbol of all that is latest and happening in the global market. Brands Review Magazine Awards is for the leading brands as well as the upcoming trendy brands of every sector such as Fashion, Technology, Luxury, FMCG, Finance and more.


November 2022 - February 2023

The award categories are chosen based on the popular demands in each sector. What the consumers are searching for, what the brands should be yearning for, what the market demands, what is really clicking in the market. Our purpose is to not just showcase the latest trends but also to investigate those trends.



Nearly 150 categories to choose from, including 33 categories. Browse through the categories and start your entry!”


Each season the Shorty Awards carefully curates a group of Real Time Academy members to judge the current competition.

Winners of Brands Review Magazine

Here is a list of categories of awards that brands are vying for and some have earned.

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Why you should file your nominations?

Its free. Like all things good in life, filing nominations for Brands Review Magazine Awards is completely free. Just click on the nominations tab, fill in your details accurately.

Benefits of Brands Review Magazine Awards

Revelation. Appreciation. Recognition. Brands Review Magazine stands by its words ‘Brand Recognitions Matter’. We know what it takes to build up a brand, raising the standards and then maintaining them. Our Award categories prides in honouring only the most deserving. This is our way of telling the world, ‘This is the brand to look out for this year.’
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