April 20, 2024

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Brands Review Magazine is a leading online news portal from London for all the latest insights on brands related to lifestyle products, technology solutions, wealth management services and everything related to health, wellness and the environment. This is the perfect platform to explore some of the world’s biggest brands for luxury, fashion and high-end products.
We understand how Brand Recognitions Matter in this ever-evolving global market. We support Brand Creations and its Sustenance and BRM stands for empowering a good Brand across sectors. BRM is the preferred portal for all the latest trends in the international market for high-end, upmarket, and luxury items as well as FMCG and retail products.


We are here to meet the demand and inform you the most beneficial way.

Delivering information on the latest and the best brands in the international market. Be it FMCG, Fashion, Finance or Food And Beverage. BRM is the one-stop portal for all the information on the brands that are available or that are about to come.


BRM is the answer to anything and everything that is available about the global brands. We have the most valuable brands and the most sought-after brands from across the sectors. BRM taps into every market across the globe to help you differentiate the best from the rest.

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Newsource is reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. The magazine is known for astute political commentary and compelling longform narrative nonfiction.

Editorial Team


Lawrence Petrie

A keen yachtsman and editor of a cruising guide, Lawrence is constantly reminded of the effects of pollution in.

Lucas Aquilani

He is an avid beach-goer and commits to doing what he can to keep world beautiful, clean and healthy.

Ruth Aquilani

The appreciation and love that she has for wildlife and animals makes her especially concerned about environment

Jane Ansems

The appreciation and love that she has for wildlife and animals makes her especially concerned about environment

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What we are doing?

Brands Review Magazine delivers the latest news and the best insights you will need to know everything about the latest events and developments from the world of wealth and lifestyle. We review the latest developments in some of the most established brands in the world and promote the upcoming startups with the potential to become the next disruptive unicorns. We lay the platform to validate their products and services and give them the space to express their intentions and innovations.

Stay updated about all the biggest Lifestyle brands and the Opportunities in Wealth creation. This is where you will get the fastest Technology News stories from across the globe.
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