April 20, 2024
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SimplyV’s New Plant-Based Cream Cheese now Available in Grocery Retail Stores


SimplyV, a new plant-based cream cheese brand from Franklin Foods—one of the largest cream cheese manufacturers in the United States—is now available in independent grocery retailers across the country for consumers to experience. SimplyV introduced the first 8-oz. plant-based cream cheese bar to U.S. consumers in select markets in March 2023, along with 8-oz. cup varieties in three flavours—Original, Strawberry, and Onion & Chive. The plant-based bar, a popular format with regular dairy cream cheese, can be used for cooking and baking, as well as spreading. In addition, SimplyV offers popular food service sizes, including single-serve portions.

SimplyV is made with almonds but offers the velvety smooth taste and texture of dairy cream cheese. This cream cheese is kosher, non-GMO, and free of dairy, soy, palm oil, lactose, and gluten.

SimplyV was originally introduced in 2015 by E.V.A. GmbH in Germany, followed by a U.S. launch by Franklin Foods in 2023, using best practices from Europe. The SimplyV products sold in the United States are produced by Franklin Foods in Vermont. Celebrating its 125th anniversary, Franklin Foods Vermont Plant has roots in dairy production dating back to 1899 and has been a pioneer in developing and manufacturing plant-based products for the last 30 years. Through this journey, the team has developed skills to make the best-tasting plant-based cream cheese.

“SimplyV has an incredibly delicious taste profile and in blind taste tests, it has consistently outperformed the major plant-based competitors on the most important attributes — flavour and creaminess,” said President and CEO of Franklin Foods Emma Aer. “SimplyV is great for plant-based diets whether it be for personal or environmental reasons. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone will use our cream cheese in everyday cooking. One of my favourites is simply spreading it on a bagel.”

SimplyV is available to customers in select retailers, as well as for exports.

Sustainability Initiatives

“Our cream cheese tastes delicious and creamy, and it is good for you. As a company we strive to always think about what is good for people and our planet,” said Aer. “As a family-owned company, we think in generations. For Franklin Foods, our commitment to sustainability means we consider which production and sourcing decisions will best serve future generations. Protecting our future is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and we have set ambitious sustainability goals to achieve by 2025.”

SimplyV uses almonds that come directly from farms that are dedicated to delivering the very best almond products while maintaining respect for bees, farmers, and the environment. Sourced from farms utilizing the highest standards of sustainable production including micro-irrigation, solar-powered irrigation systems, highly accurate data to eliminate water waste, land conservation easements, and certified bee-friendly farming practices.


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