June 20, 2024
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Lyvely secures investment from Cypher Capital

Lyvely receives investment from Cypher Capital
Lyvely receives investment from Cypher Capital

Lyvely, a recent social networking and content monetization platform, has successfully secured an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Cypher Capital, an early strategy venture firm that backs exceptional founders and tech companies enhancing the Web3 experience.

Co-founded by industry veterans Farah Zafar and Dave Catudal, Lyvely is set to redefine the social networking and social e-commerce landscape.

“We are the world’s first social networking profile that pays,” says Zafar, Lyvely’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Big Tech platforms profit from your content, but when did you last receive a payment from Instagram? It’s a broken system. Lyvely is different. We’re the Platform for the People, committed to rewarding users fairly for their contributions to the Lyvely ecosystem. Our mission is to empower people to thrive in the new digital age.”

Monetization Made Easy for Creators

With a Lyvely profile, individuals and creators worldwide can monetize their content or services by offering monthly memberships, accepting tips, hosting online events, selling consulting packages, and coaching video calls. Unlike traditional social media platforms, Lyvely does not display annoying ads but has devised an ingenious advertising method where creators can choose to have ads that they approve appear on their profiles, and earn from revenue share.

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Strategic Advantage in Web3 Space

The recent funding from Cypher Capital provides Lyvely with a strategic edge in the Web3 space. With Cypher’s support, Lyvely is developing a Cryptocurrency Token that is seamlessly integrated into the platform, enhancing user experience and providing unmatched earning potential.

“We’re designed as a familiar and intuitive Web2 platform, but we’re actually the bridge to a Web3 future for hundreds of millions of people,” says Dave Catudal, Lyvely Co-Founder and CXO. “We’re here to create the #1 platform for anyone to monetize their content or services online. Our Token will have extensive utility within our platform, introducing cryptocurrency to the masses with zero barriers to entry.”

One-Stop-Shop for Creators

Lyvely is a content and communication platform offering a suite of brand-building and business management tools, including a fintech feature that provides users with physical cards without the need for a bank, as they are linked to their Lyvely earnings and digital wallet. Additionally, Lyvely promotes its creators by offering a dedicated section where brands can browse and hire them for UGC and partnership gigs, straight from their Lyvely profile.


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