March 4, 2024

SecuX and Trend Micro partner to launch Cold Wallet

SecuX and Trend Micro Collaborate to Launch Cold Wallet (Photo Business Wire)

SecuX, a blockchain security and cryptocurrency hardware wallet company, has announced its collaboration with Trend Micro (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cybersecurity leader, launching W20 Trend Micro edition cold wallet pre-loaded with Trend Micro ChainSafer blockchain reputation service. The W20 offers users comprehensive protection covering Web2 and Web3, enhancing authentication, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-fraud capabilities.

Users of the SecuX W20 Trend Micro edition cold wallet can enjoy one year of free ChainSafer security protection provided by Trend. By mitigating the risks associated with scams and security gaps in cryptocurrency and NFT transactions, users can more securely manage digital assets stored in Web3. The recently launched SecuX Nifty-X NFT cold wallet also comes with a free one-year ChainSafer premium service.

Cryptocurrency Trading Risks Continue to Rise

SecuX Technology has steadfastly committed to protecting users’ digital assets in increasingly complex and volatile cryptocurrency trading. While full of potential, the market has witnessed a surge in illicit activities, including a staggering $100 million worth of NFTs stolen between July 2021 and 2022. Recognizing these rising threats, SecuX has focused on enhancing security and protection at all levels, leading the charge in developing blockchain security products and services.

Peter Chen, Chairman of SecuX Technology

Peter Chen, Chairman of SecuX Technology, addressed this commitment: “SecuX has always prioritized security, striving to enhance protection and safety at all levels, ensuring the development of the highest quality blockchain security products and services. We are honored to have the opportunity to leverage Trend’s outstanding cybersecurity expertise built over the past 30 years, allowing SecuX users to manage their assets with peace of mind in a more secure environment and without worries, ultimately providing a better user experience.”

Phishing Scams Prevention and Cold Wallets

Trend’s global footprint and expertise in cybersecurity is a perfect ally for SecuX’s emphasis on user security. Trend’s Metaverse security program, led by Sam Ku, is designed to protect users against threats, particularly in the emerging Web3 environment. Sam underscores the evolving risks from viruses, fraud, and phishing, which threat actors continually exploit.

Sam Ku, Trend Micro’s Metaverse security program Lead

Ku said, “From the inception of blockchain technology to the recent rise of the metaverse, Trend has been at the forefront of cybersecurity research to prepare for unforeseeable risks. We are excited to collaborate with SecuX. With Trend’s cybersecurity expertise, we provide end-to-end protection from the first line of defense to securing cold wallet devices and safe-guarding cryptocurrency transactions.”

Leveraging SecuX’s unwavering commitment to secure digital asset management and Trend’s cybersecurity expertise, this collaboration promises a safer future for users within the cryptocurrency space.

Trend Micro ChainSafer Blockchain Reputation Service + Easy to Use Cold Wallet: Protecting Digital Assets Has Never Been Easier!

SecuX and Trend Micro have collaborated to launch the W20 Trend Micro edition hardware wallet, focusing on providing users with enhanced security features. The W20 wallet comes with Trend Micro’s exclusive ChainSafer blockchain credibility rating service, offering improved anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud capabilities for Web2 and Web3 authentication. The wallet incorporates security features to eliminate security risks and human errors, such as storing the private key offline in an Infineon Secure Element chip, a large 2.8-inch touchscreen enabling hands-on clear-sign, and cross-chain support for over 10,000 cryptocurrencies and Ethereum NFTs. Compatible with existing antivirus software, the wallet offers an extra layer of protection. W20 users will receive one year of free Trend Micro ChainSafer blockchain reputation service protection, while users of other SecuX wallets can download it for a fee. The two companies also plan to offer scam-alert services to users of the recently launched SecuX Nifty-X, the premium metallic edition of the world’s first NFT hardware wallet, as well as the security-themed soulbound NFT project MnemonicX 2048.

The W20 hardware wallet, powered by Trend Micro’s ChainSafer blockchain reputation service, acts as a comprehensive antivirus engine for digital assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and wallets. Trend also plans to introduce the ChainSafer browser, designed to block phishing websites, detect malicious sites or scam links, and display warning windows when users connect to websites, further enhancing cryptocurrency transaction security.


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