July 18, 2024

Leonardo DRS Unveils OBVP Technology In The US Army Evaluation

Leonardo DRS, Inc. demonstrated its (OBVP) technology offering vehicle-based electrical power and vehicle-based weapon systems for US Army
Leonardo DRS OBVP Technology. Image Credit-Leonardo

Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced recently that it has successfully demonstrated its On-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP) technology offering vehicle-based electrical power in support of vehicle-based weapon systems.

The OBVP demonstration was part of a recent U.S. Army Operational User Assessment focused on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid power generation and power management.

DRS installed its OBVP systems on the THAAD Launch Control Station FMTV, Tactical Operation Station FMTV, and the THAAD Launcher HEMTT for this assessment.

The DRS OBVP system is a vehicle-based generator using a permanent magnet machine integrated within an Allison transmission that provides electrical power to support operations in remote areas.

Industry sources added that to meet the Army’s power needs, OBVP systems are integrated within the vehicle transmission to generate up to 55kW of usable electrical power while on the move, or up to 125kW of usable electrical power while stationary. The DRS OBVP system has proven it can increase battlefield agility, reduce deployment logistics costs, and improve mission readiness with no impact on vehicle functionality.

Bill Guyan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Leonardo DRS Land Electronics Business Unit

“This successful demonstration once again showed how vehicle-based electrical power generation can be employed in remote areas where the concern about contested logistics is a reality,” stated Bill Guyan, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business unit. “Our OBVP technology is a mature system and purpose-built to be a force-multiplier by reducing deployment logistics and providing a range of power solutions to the growing power need. It gives users clean electrical power anywhere, and anytime.”

Industry sources further confirmed that this demonstration was the latest for the DRS OBVP system which has shown its proven capabilities in various technical demonstrations and evaluations including the Army Expeditionary Warfare Experiment, Network Integration Evaluation, the U.S. Marine Corps Limited User Test, and other THAAD missile support operations vehicle tests. OBVP is a mature system that is ready to address mission power requirements.

The Operational User Assessment was conducted at McGregor Range in New Mexico. The event was the culminating event of the Secure Tactical Advance Mobile Power (STAMP) Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) sponsored by Army Futures Command. The objective of the STAMP JCTD effort is to rapidly demonstrate and deliver a significant operational capability to the Combatant Commands.

Leonardo DRS is a leading provider of next-generation electrical power and propulsion technology for the U.S. military. Investments in the company’s market-leading propulsion and power generation technology for the Navy have created opportunities to use proven electric power generation for Army platforms.

DRS solutions are leading the way in providing mission-assured power to support the increased power requirements of current and future Navy ships and Army platforms.


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