May 22, 2024
NFP announced its acquisition of HELPGB

Harmonic launches New High-Density Remote OLT to simplify Fiber Broadband Service

Image taken from Harmonic website

Harmonic today announced the launch of its new the Pearl Remote Optical Line Termination (R-OLT) module for fiber broadband service delivery from Harmonic’s versatile Ripple and Oyster node enclosures. Pearl R-OLT is Harmonic’s latest innovation and joins the company’s broad ecosystem of fiber and DOCSIS edge devices powered by the cOS™ virtualized core.

Harmonic’s new high-density R-OLT helps operators simplify their fiber upgrades, enabling them to accelerate time to market of high-speed fiber broadband. The Pearl R-OLT leverages multiple fiber technologies simultaneously, including GPON, ComboPON and XGS-PON.

Nimrod Ben-Natan, CEO-designate and Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harmonic’s Broadband Business
Image taken from Harmonic website

“By integrating several functionalities into one module, Pearl R-OLT gives operators the flexibility to quickly and economically deliver high-speed broadband services anywhere with any back office,” said Nimrod Ben-Natan, CEO-designate and senior vice president and general manager of Harmonic’s Broadband Business. “This product underscores our commitment to innovation and providing broadband service providers solutions that simplify network expansion.”

With Pearl inside Harmonic’s outdoor node enclosures, operators can easily address a variety of network topologies, either by placing in underground vaults, compact pedestals or in aerial configurations. Pearl empowers operators to adapt and accommodate installation requirements, ease permitting and minimize property or new construction costs.

Logo taken from Harmonic website

The compact Pearl R-OLT module offers a simplified solution to enhance subscriber quality of experience and increase subscriber retention by enabling targeted deployment of fiber over-builds in greenfield and existing service areas. Integrating long-range OLT optics, the Pearl R-OLT also creates additional potential revenue opportunities, facilitating cost-effective edge out strategies to reach new communities and underserved areas with greater agility.

With up to 8 XGS-PON per Pearl R-OLT, the compact, power-efficient module offers industry-leading performance to bring 10G fiber services to any location, in any density, providing flexibility today and capacity for the future.

Harmonic’s market-leading cOS virtualized broadband platform powers next-gen broadband services to more than 28 million homes for service providers worldwide, including leading operators in the North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.


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