February 26, 2024

Credo launches three new optical DSP chips in the Seagull 452 series

Credo launches Seagull 452 series of high-performance optical DSP chips - eight-channelfour-channeldual-channel DSP (Picture Business Wire)
Credo launches Seagull 452 series of high-performance optical DSP chips - eight-channelfour-channeldual-channel DSP (Picture Business Wire)

Credo Technology (Nasdaq: CRDO) recently released the Seagull 452 series of new high-performance, low-power optical DSP products. This series includes three optical DSP products: Seagull 452 (eight channels), Seagull 252 (four channels) and Seagull 152 (dual channels). All three products integrate VCSEL, EML and SiPho drivers.

Michael Girvan Lampe, global vice president of sales and marketing at Credo, said: “Industry researchers predict that artificial intelligence will continue to grow on a large scale in the future. To meet the demand for AI loads, the number of optical interfaces in super data centers will also continue to rise, which is especially important for us. It is a huge opportunity. Super data centers that support AI applications need to balance performance, capital expenditure and energy consumption requirements while meeting the needs of volume growth. Seagull 452 series optical DSP products are an excellent choice to help customers achieve the above needs, and at the same time, will also help Credo benefit from this growing market opportunity.”

The Seagull 452 series uses Credo’s fourth-generation digital signal processing technology on both the host-side (electrical) and optical-side interfaces. This technology can extend the host-side channel range and support seamless interoperability on long/short PCB channels outside the VSR specification without modifying device settings. On the optical side, the latest performance enhancement technology is used to help customers relax the specification requirements for optical components, thereby improving product yield and reducing production costs.

The new Seagull 452 is designed specifically for the emerging 400G active optical cable (AOC) AI network market needs, with extremely low power consumption while maintaining excellent link performance, compact size, and optimized cost. This series is ideal for all 400G/200G/100G AOC and optical transceivers.

  • Seagull 452 is a versatile full-duplex product for next-generation 8x50Gbps QSFP-DD optical transceiver/AOC, supporting 400Gbps SR8/DR8/FR8/LR8 applications using PAM4 modulation.
  • Seagull 252 can be used in the next generation 4x50Gbps QSFP56 optical transceiver/AOC, supporting 200Gbps SR4/DR4/LR4 applications using PAM4 modulation.
  • Seagull 152 can be used in 2x50Gbps QSFP28, SFP-DD or DSFP optical transceiver/AOC, supporting 100Gbps SR2/DR2/LR2 applications.

All products in the Seagull 452 series are backward compatible and support 25Gbps NRZ mode.

Main functions of Seagull 452 series optical DSP

  • Both the host side and line side use fourth-generation DSP technology
  • Line-side Rx features performance enhancements for optical link and component impairments
  • Integrated VCSEL driver with programmable bias and modulation current capabilities
  • Integrated EML and SiPho drivers with programmable output swing and equalization
  • Host side supports extended PCB channel range
  • Use with Teal 200 for a complete optical chipset solution


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