July 18, 2024

YOOBIC announces partnership with Luxury Fashion House Moschino to tailor Frontline Learning

YOOBIC announces partnership with Luxury Fashion House Moschino to tailor Frontline Learning
Image taken from YOOBIC website

YOOBIC, the AI-powered frontline employee experience platform, yesterday revealed an exciting partnership with leading Italian fashion house Moschino. The collaboration is central to a bold new learning and development program from the luxury brand, with YOOBIC’s sophisticated yet user-friendly digital workplace solution elevating staff training and communications across Moschino’s 150+ global retail locations.

YOOBIC announces partnership with Luxury Fashion House Moschino to tailor Frontline Learning
Image taken from YOOBIC website

Adoption and satisfaction soar with mobile microlearning

With YOOBIC implemented, Moschino’s learning landscape has been transformed, with course completion rates increasing to a remarkable 98%. Gone are the days of hours sat at computers plowing through digital workbooks and exercises — instead, frontline employees can now access bespoke bite-sized mobile training anytime, anywhere via YOOBIC’s sleek iOS and Android app.

Short-form videos, images, quizzes, and other interactive content keep learning stimulating and engaging, even during brief moments between serving shoppers. YOOBIC’s game-based training also allows Moschino’s leaders to spark healthy competition among co-workers by awarding leaderboard points for course completion and contest participation. This dynamic, modern approach has been a big hit with learners — store teams now report feeling genuinely excited about training modules, evidenced by excellent average course ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Logos taken from YOOBIC & MOSCHINO websites

Global L&D program rollout and tracking made possible with YOOBIC               

Thanks to YOOBIC’s native L&D content-building features, it’s easy for Moschino managers to create and launch engaging and relevant microlearning opportunities at speed. At the same time, thanks to the platform’s powerful language translation capability, regional gaps are being bridged with the development and delivery of localized training content that works across all regions. This has proven particularly useful in the brand’s Asian markets, where language barriers were previously an obstacle to unified, global learning.

Armed with YOOBIC, senior Moschino leaders now also enjoy a data-driven, 360° view of their teams’ training outcomes thanks to the app’s robust analytics. Interactive dashboards make tracking program success refreshingly simple, while real-time updates mean managers can make tweaks to content based on what resonates best.

A cohesive global community

With YOOBIC’s new online Communities feature — where associates share knowledge, celebrate achievements, and connect with overseas peers — coupled with real-time translation, a strong support network between Moschino’s globally dispersed workforce is emerging.

The system has also proven invaluable in helping Moschino bridge communications gaps between corporate and customer-facing staff. Features like private chat, group conversations, and video calls foster connectivity, and the app’s social feed is ideal for sharing announcements, celebrating joint successes, and connecting colleagues wherever they happen to be.


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