July 18, 2024

QPS announces New Laboratory Services for Clinical Trials and Cell Therapy Development

QPS announces New Laboratory Services for Clinical Trials and Cell Therapy Development
Image taken from QPS website

QPS Holdings, LLC (QPS), a leading global contract research organization (CRO), is pleased to announce new laboratory services capabilities. The central laboratory, leukopak cell therapy facility, and enhanced PBMC capabilities will complement existing bioanalysis, translational medicine and peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PMBC) laboratories and extend the current QPS full-service global CRO offerings.

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QPS now offers clinical trial sample analysis services and leukopak cell therapy products from its newly expanded clinical trials unit conveniently located in Springfield, Missouri. In addition, QPS has also expanded PBMC service offerings from its Miami, Florida location into its Springfield, Missouri laboratories. The new facilities are housed with an existing clinical (safety) laboratory, a modern self-contained pharmacy, and dedicated space to build and ship clinical trial kits.

The modern central laboratory for sample analysis complements the existing on-site safety laboratory, equipped with the most up-to-date technologies for chemistry, urinalysis, serology, coagulation, and hematology testing. These capabilities, designed to monitor subject safety during ongoing clinical trials, will remain as core services for QPS in-house clinical trials.

The new leukopak products collection and processing facility is designed to meet the exponential growing demand for blood products to support cell therapy research and QPS is ideally placed to provide this service. QPS Missouri has a database of over 35,000 potential study participants, who can be contacted as potential blood donors for leukopak products.

Benjamin Chien, Chairman, President and CEO of QPS
Image taken from QPS website

“There is significant unmet demand in this rapidly growing area of cell therapy products, which represents a tremendous opportunity for QPS. Over 3,000 cell and gene therapy programs are currently in progress representing a 20% increase over the past five years. These programs require leukopak products to move forward, and as a result this market is forecasted to grow by a CAGR of more than 8% over the next six years,” said Benjamin Chien, Chairman, President and CEO of QPS.

The enhanced PBMC services include a new PBMC processing lab at the Springfield location, complementing the existing lab at QPS Miami in Miami, Florida. This new lab will support a current unmet need for PBMC processing in the midwestern USA. PBMC sample analysis is a time-consuming process, typically required in vaccine trials, and it is best done in a lab adjacent to the clinical trial unit. QPS is uniquely positioned to offer this service.

Brendon Bourg, Vice President, Early Phase Clinical and Head of Administration at QPS Missouri
Image taken from QPS website

“These new facilities, services and products extend our full service CRO capabilities, putting QPS in a position to offer clients comprehensive clinical research services in one location. The central lab, PBMC lab, and the leukopack facility complement and enhance our current 240 bed clinical trials unit, safety laboratory, modern self-contained pharmacy, and clinical trial kit production facility,” said Brendon Bourg, Vice President, Early Phase Clinical and Head of Administration at QPS Missouri.


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