May 22, 2024
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RD1 Spirits launches Unique Wood-Finished Bourbon flight experience

Image taken from RD1 Spirits website

RD1 Spirits, the award-winning Lexington-based craft bourbon brand – known for exploring the interaction of Kentucky Straight Bourbon with unique woods from across the world – has launched a one-of-a-kind wood-finished bourbon flight for consumers to enjoy in their own homes.

The wood-finished bourbon flight includes 200-ml glass bottles of RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished With French Oak (101 proof), RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished With Brazilian Amburana Wood (110 proof), and RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Double Finished In Oak And Maple Barrels (99.9 proof). These bottles are exact replicas of the RD1 750-ml bottles, featuring RD1’s iconic, four-plank horse farm fencing, etched around the base of the bottle, and the colorful labels that distinguish the wood finishes.

RD1 Spirit’s entire award-winning portfolio is Kentucky born and raised: 100% distilled, aged, and bottled in the Bluegrass state. For the ultimate tasting experience, RD1 recommends adding its flagship expression, RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon (98 proof), which is the same bourbon used in the three wood finishes.

After aging for at least four years, RD1 pulls certain barrels aside, removes the bung, places unique wood staves into the original American Oak barrel, hammers the new bung back, and lets the bourbon rest for additional time. Through this process, RD1 has created wood-finished expressions that significantly influence the final tasting experience. From the distinct aroma, to the first sip, to the surprising finish, the wood-finished bourbons allow you to discover your palate’s preferences.

Mike Tetterton, Chief Executive Officer of RD1 Spirits
Image taken from RD1 website

“Our new wood-finished bourbon flight is as close as you can get to the RD1 Tasting Room without being in Lexington,” said Mike Tetterton, chief executive officer of RD1 Spirits. “Exploring the distinct aroma, taste, and finish of each expression makes for a thoughtful bourbon gift or an eye-opening tasting at home. It’s classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon meets ‘what’s next.’”

The bourbon flight is currently available for purchase at RD1’s Tasting Room on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, at select retailers across the country, and online at the official website of RD1 Spirits.


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