March 4, 2024

Zebec Launches Modern Payroll and Payment Solutions in Japan


Zebec, a leading fintech startup, announced the launch of its advanced web3 payment and real-time payroll services in Japan. This strategic move not only marks Zebec’s continued global expansion but also underscores its commitment to fostering collaborative financial innovation worldwide.

Japan, known for pioneering a regulatory framework for digital finance, offers an optimal setting for Zebec’s tech, tailored to complement the sophisticated and robust nature of Japan’s financial ecosystem, providing significant enhancements to traditional payroll methods and digital payment options.

“Zebec’s venture into Japan is logical; it’s an opportunity for us to contribute to the country’s already advanced financial infrastructure,” says Sam Thapaliya, founder of Zebec. “Our continued focus on Asian markets positioned us to be able to quickly deploy comprehensive and flexible financial solutions to Japanese customers.”

The suite of Zebec services now available in Japan includes:

Zebec App and Nautilus Chain, ideal for streaming payments and real-time web3 payroll, supporting digital payments in USDC, ERC, and soon a Japan-native stablecoin (JPYZ).

Wagelink and advanced payroll technology, modernizing traditional payroll with the inclusion of stablecoin salary payments and cross-border remittances, in partnership with global fintech firms Circle and Stellar. The Wagelink App, launched in the USA in late 2023, represents an innovation in traditional payroll systems for companies and their employees in the PGP/ Zebec investment portfolio.

Zebec Instant Card, a groundbreaking crypto payment offering, supported globally by Visa and Mastercard, now enables spending in both USD and Japanese Yen.

Zebec’s innovative solutions are engineered for unrivalled efficiency, transparency, and security in financial transactions. Set to redefine payroll services and modernize payment into continuous streams, thereby granting businesses and individuals enhanced control and flexibility over their financial lives.

“As we expand to Japan,” Thapaliya concluded. “We eagerly anticipate building enduring partnerships and becoming a part of innovation in the Japanese fintech sector.”


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