July 18, 2024

Rancher Government Solutions and Mainsail forge Groundbreaking Partnership

Rancher Government Solutions and Mainsail forge Groundbreaking Partnership
Image taken from RGS Security

Rancher Government, one of the leaders in open-source container management and Kubernetes orchestration, along with Mainsail Industries, a pioneer in advanced cybersecurity solutions, today announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at transforming IT security. This alliance introduces a powerful integration of Mainsail’s Metalvisor technology with RGS’s advanced Kubernetes management system, RKE2, to secure the entire IT stack from the silicon level up to the application layer, focusing specifically on the vulnerabilities inherent in edge computing environments.

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Rancher’s Kubernetes Engine 2 (RKE2) brings robust security enhancements to this partnership. As a fully conformant Kubernetes distribution, RKE2 is designed with security as a priority, offering FIPS compliance and DISA STIG validation to meet stringent federal and defense deployment standards. The integration of RKE2 with Metalvisor ensures a comprehensive security framework that not only enhances application deployment and management but also fortifies the entire stack against advanced threats.

RGS IT Security
Image taken from Rancher Government Solutions website

Metalvisor, Mainsail’s innovative hypervisor, enhances foundational security for edge and deployable compute environments by merging the flexibility of a hypervisor with the efficiency of bare metal. This robust platform is designed to prevent unauthorized firmware updates, restrict boot processes, and encrypt sensitive data across all states: in-use, in-transit, and at-rest. Metalvisor establishes a secure foundation from the ground up, making it a critical component in protecting against nation-state attacks, APTs, and other advanced threats that exploit physical access vulnerabilities in edge workloads.

Brad Sollar, Chief Technical Officer at Mainsail
Brad Sollar, Chief Technical Officer at Mainsail
Image taken from Mainsail website

Brad Sollar, Chief Technical Officer at Mainsail explained the specific benefits of Metalvisor, “Metalvisor redefines hardware-level security with the flexibility of a hypervisor and the speed of bare metal. It includes features like Secure Boot, in-depth supply chain defense, and always-on encryption, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality across all forms of data.”

Paul Smith, CEO of Rancher Government.
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“Through our partnership with Mainsail, integrating their Metalvisor technology with our Kubernetes management solutions like RKE2, we are not merely setting new benchmarks in government IT security—we are transforming it,” said Paul Smith, CEO of Rancher Government. “This collaboration significantly enhances our security capabilities, greatly elevating the efficacy and efficiency of government operations.”

Highlights of the Partnership:

Unified Security Architecture: Integrating Metalvisor’s silicon-level security with Rancher’s RKE2 creates a seamless, secure infrastructure spanning all layers of IT operations.

Advanced Threat Protection: Metalvisor and RKE2 work together to safeguard systems against nation-state attacks, unauthorized data access, and prevent lateral movement, crucial for protecting edge computing devices and deployable compute environments.

Operational Continuity and Resilience: By embedding security into hardware, firmware, and software layers, the partnership guarantees high operational continuity and resilience, preserving critical functions even when higher-level security measures are challenged.

Compliance and Scalability: The comprehensive security approach simplifies adherence to regulatory standards and scales effectively across extensive network deployments.


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