May 22, 2024
NFP announced its acquisition of HELPGB

FCTI announces ATM Expansion with new services at 7-Eleven, Inc.

Image taken from FCTI website

FCTI, a leading nationwide ATM solutions provider, has announced that they have extended and expanded their long-term relationship with 7-Eleven, the largest convenience store chain in the United States. Under the terms of its new agreement, FCTI will continue to operate ATMs in 7-Eleven-branded locations, expand its services to Speedway-branded locations, and roll out new retail financial services to 7-Eleven customers.

Logos taken from FCTI and 7-Eleven websites

FCTI expects to increase its number of ATM locations from about 8,600 to 11,600 by the end of 2025. Along with this expansion comes a variety of new services that FCTI plans to test and introduce to 7-Eleven customers and its ATM users. These services will improve customer convenience. FCTI currently provides unique, effective branding solutions for banks and credit unions to better serve their customers inside of 7-Eleven U.S. locations.

Wayne Malone, President of FCTI
Image taken from FCTI website

“We are very pleased to announce today that we have extended and expanded our relationship with 7-Eleven,” said Wayne Malone, President of FCTI. “I am extremely proud of the team at FCTI and look forward to leveraging the wealth of expertise at our parent Seven Bank to continue delivering best-in-class service to 7-Eleven and its customers for years to come.”

David Seltzer, CFO of 7-Eleven
Image taken from 7-Eleven website

David Seltzer, CFO of 7-Eleven, also commented on the new agreement. “7-Eleven is pleased to renew and expand our longstanding relationship with FCTI. We are very excited to work with the new leadership team at FCTI to deliver best-in-class ATM Services, with new state-of-the-art ATM hardware, while exploring new and innovative financial services that meet the needs of our customers.”


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