June 20, 2024
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Wondershare Filmora teams up with NVIDIA to introduce RTX Video HDR to Content Creators

Wondershare Filmora teams up with NVIDIA to introduce RTX Video HDR to Content Creators
Wondershare Filmora Teams Up with NVIDIA to Introduce RTX Video HDR to Content Creators Image taken from Businesswire

Wondershare Filmora, a leading video editing software, is thrilled to announce a brand-new collaboration with NVIDIA, bringing HDR (High Dynamic Range) video playback and exporting capabilities to its users (& content creators). This innovative partnership leverages NVIDIA’s cutting-edge RTX Video technology to deliver a video editing experience like no other. With this new feature, Filmora users equipped with GeForce RTX GPUs and HDR screens can effortlessly transform SDR videos into HDR, offering a far greater depth of color. This feature enhances the visual appeal of videos and ensures high-quality final output that is suitable for the best monitors available in recent times.

Wondershare Filmora’s collaboration with NVIDIA underscores both companies’ commitment to driving innovation in the video editing industry. By leveraging NVIDIA’s RTX Video technology, Filmora provides users with a powerful tool that simplifies the HDR conversion process, making it accessible to professional editors and amateur enthusiasts.

Wondershare Filmora teams up with NVIDIA to introduce RTX Video HDR to Content Creators
Image taken from NVIDIA website

“We’re excited to partner with NVIDIA to introduce HDR video capabilities to Filmora,” said Wade, Senior Vice President of Wondershare Filmora. “This collaboration grants content creators enhanced post-production flexibility, enabling them to achieve their desired artistic effects with stunning detail. Filmora consistently strives to incorporate cutting-edge AI technologies to expedite content creation and deliver cinematic-quality results. With the addition of HDR support, Filmora maintains its position as a trailblazer in video editing software, enabling creators to elevate the quality of their work to unprecedented levels.”

Logos taken from Wondershare Filmora and Nvidia websites

With HDR, Filmora users will be better equipped to create high-quality content and a more lifelike and immersive visual experience. This technology provides a more realistic and captivating viewing experience, ideal for gaming videos, travel vlogs, or event filmmaking. HDR enables vibrant color reproduction, enhances the sense of depth and 3D in images and videos, and allows audiences to feel more connected to the content.

With the new HDR feature release set for late June, Wondershare Filmora remains committed to revolutionizing content creation with AI technology through continuous collaborations with industry giants like NVIDIA. Adding HDR support is just one of the many ways Filmora enhances creative freedom for millions of users worldwide and delivers immersive experiences to viewers globally.


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