May 22, 2024
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Vbrick launches Universal eCDN

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Vbrick, one of the leading end-to-end enterprise video solution providers, yesterday announced the launch of Vbrick Universal eCDN, an open, adaptable enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) for distributing live and on-demand video over private networks.

In today’s digital landscape, video has become a critical tool for businesses to engage employees, customers, and partners. However, delivering video content at scale within corporate networks can pose significant challenges, including network congestion, bandwidth limitations, and security concerns. For large global enterprises, implementing an eCDN is crucial for optimizing network usage and eliminating latency issues, particularly for organizations that need to broadcast live or on-demand video to tens of thousands of users simultaneously.

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Vbrick Universal eCDN provides a comprehensive, flexible infrastructure for efficient live and on-demand video delivery, regardless of network size or complexity. Available natively within Vbrick’s enterprise video platform or as a standalone solution to support other video technologies outside of the Vbrick portfolio, key features include:

Multiple Advanced Delivery Technologies: The market’s only eCDN solution offering peer-to-peer, edge caching, and multicast – all from a single provider – that can be deployed independently or in combination to address a variety of network configurations and requirements.

Extended Integration Capabilities: Uniquely adaptable architecture featuring deep integrations with platforms like Microsoft Teams meetings and town hall, and Webex Webinars, along with an open software development kit (SDK) enabling further bespoke integrations with other video platforms and tools.

Cloud Management: Efficient cloud management, eliminating the need for hosting and managing servers and databases, resulting in faster deployment and reduced overhead.

Enhanced Reporting: Event-level reporting for comprehensive, real-time insights into system performance.

Industry-leading Security and Compliance: The only FedRAMP-certified eCDN available on the market, featuring robust encryption and access controls to safeguard video content both at rest and in transit.

“With Vbrick Universal, we set out to build a best-of-breed eCDN platform, and we’ve done just that,” said Paul Sparta, Vbrick Chairman and CEO. “Our flexible architecture and open design allow organizations to deploy the best-fit eCDN technology based on their unique and often dynamic network needs while integrating with virtually any video platform.”

Vbrick Universal eCDN is available globally as a standalone solution as well as natively within Vbrick’s enterprise video platform.


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