July 18, 2024

Ugreen Boosts Its Nexode Power Bank Lineup With Two New Launches

Ugreen Boosts Its Nexode Power Bank Lineup With Two New Launches. Image Source-Ugreen
Ugreen Boosts Its Nexode Power Bank Lineup With Two New Launches. Image Source-Ugreen

UGREEN , a leading innovator in consumer electronics, is excited to announce its latest additions: the ultra-compact power banks: UGREEN Nexode 20000mAh 130W  and the more affordable  UGREEN Nexode 12000mAh 100W. With the tagline “Lightweight. Activate your Power,” these new offerings provide unmatched charging convenience, ensuring users stay charged and connected wherever they are.

Ugreen Boosts Its Nexode Power Bank Lineup With Two New Launches.
Ugreen Boosts Its Nexode Power Bank Lineup With Two New Launches.

Industry sources added that both power banks are Ideal for long-distance travel, and this high-capacity, high-power power banks is a must-have for outdoor adventures. Whether camping or hiking, users will stay powered and connected. It’s also perfect for outdoor photographers and videographers, as it provides continuous power for action cameras.

The UGREEN Nexode 20000mAh 130W Power Bank is an ideal travel accessory for those who need to fully charge their smartphone (charges an iPhone 15 up to four times). It features two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, convenient for users who need to charge devices such as laptops, smartphones, and headphones simultaneously.

The C1 port offers a maximum power of 100W for laptops, while the C2 and A ports offer maximum power of 30 and 22.5W, respectively, for smaller devices. Retaining over 80% of the battery capacity after 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, this power bank is built to last. Fast charging in just 2 hours with a 65W input, this 130W power bank is versatile and supports thousands of device types and charging protocols.

The UGREEN Nexode 12000mAh 100W Power Bank is a great entry point for those new to fast charging technology. Featuring a single-port 100W fast charging capability, it can charge a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to 56% in just 30 minutes. This power bank features a 65W USB-C port, allowing it to fully charge in just 1.5 hours. With a 13-layer protection system against over-current, over-voltage and other potential issues, safety is at the forefront. Its compact and lightweight design, enhanced by the advanced power column structure, makes it easy to carry and use on the go.

This power bank is designed for the daily commute, providing fast charging for phones and other devices while traveling. PD fast charging and high-power outputs allow connected devices to recharge quickly, making it a great choice when batteries are low.

Both products feature 100W fast charging and 65W charging capabilities in an ultra-portable and sleek design. The 13-layer safety system includes a Thermal Guard system that prevents overheating, providing additional safety to the user. In addition, a trickle charge mode safely charges Bluetooth headphones and smartwatches at low currents, making these power banks versatile and reliable companions.

Both products are now available on  Amazon and in the official UGREEN store with discounts. The UGREEN Nexode 20000mAh 130W power bank has a recommended retail price of €99.99, while the Nexode 12000mAh 100W model is priced at €49.99.


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