March 4, 2024

The 100 Fundadores Invests in Space Perspective and Ventures into Luxury Space Travel


When the all-European crew aboard Axiom Space’s latest launch (Ax-3) docked at the International Space Station (ISS) earlier this month, the number of nationalities on board instantly doubled. Michael López-Alegría, a former ISS commander and dual citizen of Spain and the United States, was among the crew, who are emblematic of growing international interest, talent, and cooperation within the space industry.

But it’s not only astronauts who are expanding multinational participation in space. Now, the 100 Fundadores, a global lifestyle community of diverse industry leaders founded in Miami, have teamed with IFG Capital to make a first-time investment in the growing space industry. The Fundadores (a Spanish word that translates to “founders” in English) enjoy “the finer things in life,” including exceptional experiences, so it is no surprise that Space Perspective, a luxury space travel company, caught their eye.

Space Perspective, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, provides the safest, most accessible, and most luxurious way to travel to space. Its innovative spacecraft will take eight Explorers to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere in a pressurized capsule lifted gently by a SpaceBalloon™. Brimming with amenities, the interior cabin features a Space Spa, a world-class culinary program, high-end products, plush seating, and Wi-Fi – all enjoyed while taking in spectacular views of our beautiful planet through the largest windows ever flown to space.

Longtime friends and business collaborators Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO of InterFlight Global Corporation and IFG Capital, and Christian Altaba, Founder of the 100 Fundadores, led the private equity round. The duo has partnered on other ventures, as well, including a satellite technology and manufacturing company – seeing it from its startup days to trading on the NASDAQ within four years. This latest collaboration and investment in Space Perspective provides the 100 Fundadores with a well-curated and promising investment vehicle.

Christian Altaba and his members have invested in this exclusive opportunity through IFG Capital, accessing the anticipated multi-trillion-dollar economy through this unique and scalable space tourism company.

The 100 Fundadores’ appreciation for luxury experiences and the finer things in life will open up collaboration, co-branding and strategic projects with Space Perspective, as well. “The world is changing very rapidly,” said Mr. Altaba, “and the pace of change will only accelerate in the future. We must adapt to the changes and find ways to navigate both the challenges and opportunities presented to us. An investment in Space Perspective is a unique opportunity to access the space tourism industry and economy.”

Recently, Mercedes-Maybach partnered with Space Perspective to bring the magic of the Mercedes-Maybach brand to the transformative experience that Space Perspective offers its Explorers. The new all-electric Maybach will transport Space Perspective Explorers to and from their spaceflights – offering an end-to-end comfort and luxury experience. Space Perspective is in talks with additional brands to enhance the experience for their Explorers and continue to build toward becoming the definitive space lifestyle brand for years to come.

“Not only is Space Perspective a great investment opportunity in the fast-growing space tourism industry,” said Mr. Garcia, “but it’s also an inspiring and enlightening experience to those who fly. Upon their return, Explorers who gain the Space Perspective will be forever changed in how they see the world and humanity’s place within it.”

Added Space Perspective Founder and Co-CEO, Jane Poynter, “We are proud to have the 100 Fundadores as part of our strong and diverse investor portfolio. We are opening the experience of space to more humans than ever before, and to have the support of this community, and a growing ratio of international ticket buyers is exactly what we hoped we’d achieve in building this company and brand.”


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