May 22, 2024
NFP announced its acquisition of HELPGB

Revolve Technologies Appoints Michael Keeler as President

Michael Keeler, President of Revolve Technologies

Revolve Technologies, a leader in innovative telecommunications solutions, yesterday announced the appointment of Michael Keeler as President. Keeler brings more than two decades of expertise in global sales, leadership, and innovation, demonstrating a proven track record of driving growth and excellence.

Prior to joining Revolve Technologies, Keeler made a significant impact in the communication industry at renowned companies like 8×8 and Ring Central. During his tenure at 8×8 and Ring Central, Keeler showcased his strategic leadership abilities by expanding market share and revenue through innovative sales strategies. His contributions were instrumental in enhancing the global presence of both companies and solidifying their positions in the industry.

Keeler’s deep understanding of the industry and his ability to identify and seize growth opportunities will be invaluable to Revolve Technologies. By leveraging his insights and strategic mindset, the company aims to further establish itself as a leader in the market.

Philip Passudetti, Chief Executive Officer of Revolve Technologies
Image taken from Revolve Technologies website

“I am delighted to welcome Michael aboard. Michael’s unparalleled expertise and passion for innovation are key to inspiring our growth. With Michael at the helm, I have no doubt that we will not only meet but surpass our ambitious expectations for both Revolve and our global customers. This is more than a new chapter—it’s the beginning of a groundbreaking era. I look forward to the journey ahead with Michael by our side,” said Philip Passudetti, Chief Executive Officer of Revolve Technologies.

“As the new President of Revolve Technologies, I step into a role that’s been shaped by years of dedication to the technology sector. My aim is to create substantial value for our clients, underscored by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and continual innovation. The rich experience I bring to this position will be pivotal in steering Revolve Technologies towards a future of exemplary service and leadership in the industry,” said Michael Keeler, President, Revolve Technologies.


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