March 4, 2024

mPrest Selected as DERMS Provider for Doral Energy

Shay Dolev, the Head of Energy Commerce at Doral. Image taken from Doral

mPrest, a leading developer and provider of dynamic grid aware, as well as Behind the Meter, Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) has been chosen by Doral Energy, a leading global company in the field of renewable energy, as its DERMS platform for the purpose of managing and optimizing its distributed solar and storage assets profits.

Doral Energy is a developer and owner of hundreds of profitable renewable energy projects and an energy supplier to leading corporations.  Doral Energy is licensed as an IPP and VPP.  As such, it requires a sophisticated platform that will enable the company to forecast and optimize its load, storage, and generation, as well as optimize its profits in trading with the energy market, and its corporate customers.

Logo Images taken from DORAL – mpREST website

Doral’s advanced integration of solar energy and storage technologies provides a sustainable and efficient way to meet the growing demand for clean energy, and at the same time, play a crucial role in enhancing grid stability and resilience.

Natan Barak, mPrest’s CEO. Image taken from mPrest

“mPrest’s DERMS was designed as a dynamic grid-aware enterprise DERMS for Distribution Network Operators and Distribution System Operators,” said Natan Barak, mPrest’s CEO. “After gaining global recognition in the DNO/DSO world, we expanded our mDERMS capabilities to cover Behind the Meter edge requirements, critical to VPPs and aggregators as well.  We are therefore honored to partner with Doral Energy, in optimizing their energy trading profits”.

“Doral is committed to a cleaner and sustainable future. Our solar and storage VPPs represent a significant milestone in our journey towards a greener world and the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. By combining solar energy and cutting-edge storage technologies, we are not only optimizing energy production but also contributing to grid stability and resiliency,” said Shay Dolev, the Head of Energy Commerce at Doral.

Ron Halpern, mPrest Chief Commercial Officer. Image taken from mPrest

“Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) play a critical role in our modern world.  Extending our centralized distribution focused DERMS to also act as an edge DERMS is a testament to our commitment to driving innovation in the energy sector,” said Ron Halpern, mPrest Chief Commercial Officer.


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