April 20, 2024
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Körber unveils innovative solutions to enhance WMS capabilities and optimize warehouse management


Körber announced yesterday the launch of three solutions that improve warehouse operations. With a focus on innovation that extends beyond warehouse management systems (WMS), these products solve common productivity and workflow problems across the supply chain by providing new capabilities and expanded functionality.

Supply chain companies are facing growing challenges that require software solutions to expand WMS capabilities. Körber’s latest developments take a holistic approach to supply chain management and ensure end-to-end transparency, scalability and flexibility.

With 82% of employees motivated by recognition, Kӧrber’s gamification helps improve productivity by boosting employee engagement and introducing healthy competition. Management defines goals and milestones to encourage users through the experience to work together as a team and complete tasks. This solution redefines the concept of employee engagement and focuses on efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction.

With Slotting.IQ from Körber, warehouses can harness complex inventory management. Dynamic slotting algorithms optimize inventory placement, optimize picking efficiency, and accelerate order processing. Integration with the WMS enables seamless implementation of relocation strategies and increases overall operational productivity. Slotting.IQ’s automated approach can save valuable time and resources compared to traditional, manual slotting methods.

Körber’s Unified Control System (UCS) provides a central management and control point for fulfilment processes carried out by the warehouse team, AMR and other automation technologies. It orchestrates automated and manual workflows, speeds up order fulfilment and improves throughput. UCS integrates with WMS and other warehouse technologies to increase operational flexibility, optimize workflows and increase productivity.

“Körber’s goal of pushing the boundaries of warehouse technologies is evident in these solutions,” reports Sean Elliott, CTO and interim CEO of Software, Körber Supply Chain business unit. “Körber continues to drive innovation in the warehouse sector: through pioneering warehouse placement with Slotting.IQ, motivating the workforce through gamification and combining automation with human workflows.”


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