April 20, 2024
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eSIM Innovator 1GLOBAL offers its Roaming Service to FinTech Revolut Customers


A range of industries are reportedly adopting 1GLOBAL’s innovative services as more than 30 million European customers will be soon avoiding roaming charges in over 160 countries.

By fully integrating the 1GLOBAL API, global fintech Revolut now offers its customers simple, fast access to 1GLOBAL’s low-cost global mobile network. Once activated by the user, an embedded SIM (eSIM) is generated for the mobile device.

“Without having to leave the Revolut app, users can install an eSIM within one minute,” said Hakan Koç, Founder and CEO of 1GLOBAL. “This is why players from a wide range of industries such as travel, insurance, fintech, airlines, VIP logistics and more are all coming to us to increase the range of services they offer by integrating our connectivity.”

Instead of having to obtain a physical SIM to access the local network on arrival, customers using apps that integrate 1GLOBAL’s technology will simply set up an eSIM on their device. This gives them complete control of their connection, including a display of data consumption. They can also use the app to buy a data plan even when they’ve already run out of allowance.

”At Revolut, we know how important it is for our customers that they stay connected to Revolut services, wherever they are, without worrying about their data allowance. Revolut eSIMs, developed in partnership with 1Global, is a convenient technology and provides great value tailored to our global audience,” commented David Tirado, Global Business VP at Revolut.

Any company can integrate 1GLOBAL tech into its customer offering via a suite of APIs. As a result, customers stay within that app for longer, a new revenue channel is created, value for customers is generated and brand loyalty is increased.

In Revolut’s case, full integration of 1GLOBAL technology was made into its app and under its brand. Alternatively, companies can offer 1GLOBAL connectivity simply as a 3rd party or affiliate via references (such as a QR code) that directs the user to download their eSIM and 1GLOBAL software.

“As a telecommunications technology innovator, we have created our global telecommunications network and can issue eSIMs and an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI),” explains Koç. “This distinguishes us from vendors who do not have their network infrastructure and simply resell data packages.”

The 1GLOBAL platform gives app operators the ability to offer users a global connection supported by nine Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), five internationally sponsored roaming partners, and over 150 interconnects. This kind of ‘hyperscale’ connectivity, with 2000 routes to 350 mobile carriers spanning 2G to 5G and LPWAN, would be impossible without leveraging 1GLOBAL’s innovative technology.


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