February 26, 2024

Ant Group Digital Technologies launches Blockchain Product Suite for Web3 Developers

Zhang Hui, CEO of ZAN, at 2023 INCLUSION · Conference on the Bund (Photo Business Wire)
Zhang Hui, CEO of ZAN, at 2023 INCLUSION · Conference on the Bund (Photo Business Wire)

At this year’s INCLUSION · Conference on the Bund, Ant Group Digital Technologies launched a new brand called ZAN which comprises a full suite of blockchain application development products and services for both institutional and individual Web3 developers.

For institutional customers, ZAN provides a solution to help them issue and manage real-world assets (RWAs) in compliance with local regulatory requirements. With Ant Group Digital Technologies’ software and hardware co-design technologies, as well as its experience over the past several years in bringing tens of millions of RWAs onto blockchains in a trustworthy way, ZAN RWA solution can help efficiently bring new assets to the Web3 world, enabling more Web3 applications and use cases, and enhancing synergy between the real world and Web3-powered digital world.

Recognizing the importance of security and compliance in the Web3 industry, ZAN also provides a series of technical products, including electronic Know-Your-Customer (eKYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Know-Your-Transactions (KYT), to help Web3 businesses build up their capabilities in customer identity authentication, security protection, and risk management.

Moreover, ZAN provides developers Smart Contract Review (SCR) services to efficiently and reliably handle Web3 app development issues relating to security, performance, cost, and user experience, and Node Service including high-performance, high-availability, low-latency and secure Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for building dApps, as well as enhanced APIs and other tools to improve development efficiency and keep track of dApps’ activities in real-time.

“Web3 is a technology sector bringing new opportunities as it cultivates more and more innovations. At Ant Group Digital Technologies, we have seen the trend and also efficiency and security-related bottlenecks during the application development process,” said Zhang Hui, Chief Executive Officer of ZAN. “To resolve these pain points, ZAN is dedicated to investing in research and development of Web3 technologies and products, providing more extensive and reliable technical services to support the community, and working with our partners to accelerate Web3 developments and innovations.”

ZAN began piloting its technical services early this year. In April 2023, during the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, HashKey DID, a Web3 decentralized identity data aggregator, announced its adoption of ZAN eKYC, to provide users with access to its compliant Web3 service platform.

“ZAN eKYC product has received good feedback from us and our customers after being deployed. It is convenient and safe to complete the process of user login, authentication, and management. We expect ZAN to make great contributions to the mass adoption of Web3,” said Chao Deng, Chief Executive Officer of HashKey Group Singapore.

HashKey Group, as well as Morpheus Labs and Everest Ventures Group, participated in ZAN’s brand launch ceremony as ZAN’s first batch of partners.

As a new brand of Ant Group Digital Technologies, ZAN’s products and services are powered by technical innovations from AntChain Open Labs. During the 2023 INCLUSION · Conference, AntChain Open Labs also announced TrustBase, the open-source initiatives of its technology stacks, covering the latest technical advancements in cryptography technologies such as multi-party computing (MPC), zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) and full homomorphic encryption (FHE).


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