February 26, 2024

Waterland Supply & Manufacturing and Continental Trailers appoint Matt Scheuler as President and CEO

Waterland Supply & Manufacturing and Continental Trailers, a renowned manufacturer of top-tier boat trailers and aftermarket parts, are pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Scheuler as the new President and CEO. With his extensive industry experience and proven leadership skills, Scheuler is poised to drive innovation, growth, and continued success for Waterland Supply & Manufacturing and Continental Trailers.

As the newly appointed President and CEO, Scheuler will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, operational management, and overall performance. With a keen eye for industry trends and a passion for delivering exceptional products and services, Scheuler aims to strengthen the position of both companies as leaders in the trailer and supply industry.

He brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having previously held executive positions in prominent companies within multiple specialty vehicle industries. His extensive background includes successful stints in product development, business expansion, and sales and marketing. With a customer-centric approach, Scheuler is committed to enhancing the overall experience for Waterland Supply & Manufacturing and Continental Trailers’ valued customers.

“I am honoured and excited to join Waterland Supply & Manufacturing and Continental Trailers as their President and CEO,” said Scheuler. “Both companies have a rich heritage of delivering exceptional products and services to the boating community. I look forward to working with the talented teams at Waterland and Continental Trailers to drive innovation, foster growth, and continue our commitment to excellence.”

Under Scheuler’s leadership, Waterland Supply & Manufacturing and Continental Trailers will continue to prioritize the delivery of high-quality parts and trailers to meet the evolving needs of customers. Scheuler’s strategic vision, coupled with the companies’ unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, will ensure a bright future for both Waterland Supply & Manufacturing and Continental Trailers.


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