June 20, 2024
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McGranahan announces Merger with PBK

Image taken from PBK website

McGranahan Architects, a Washington-based, full-service architectural firm specializing in educational facilities, announced yesterday that they have merged with PBK, a nationally-acclaimed architectural planning and design firm.

Logos taken from PBK and McGranahan website

The joint capabilities of PBK and McGranahan will allow the firm to meet the needs of a growing client base in the region by leveraging both the national exposure, experience, and evidence-based design practices of PBK and the regionally concentrated programming, design and construction administration services of McGranahan.

Dan Boggio, Executive Chairman of PBK
Image taken from PBK website

“We are thrilled to welcome McGranahan into the PBK family,” said Dan Boggio, Executive Chairman of PBK.  “This acquisition is a strategic alignment that brings together two firms dedicated to excellence in educational design and innovation. Together, we will enhance our capabilities and expand our reach, delivering even greater value to our clients and communities. We look forward to a future where our combined expertise sets new standards in the industry.”

Christopher Lilley, Managing Principal and CEO at McGranahan
Image taken from McGranahan website

The newly acquired firm has one office in Tacoma, Washington. Christopher Lilley, Matthew Lane and the entire McGranahan leadership team will continue to lead the firm’s Washington state operation.

Matthew Lane, Principal for Human Resources, McGranahan
Image taken from McGranahan website

“We are excited to join forces with PBK, a move that marks a significant milestone in our journey,” said Christopher Lilley.  “This partnership will allow us to leverage PBK’s national presence and resources to enhance our service offerings and reach. We remain deeply committed to our architectural vision and values, and we believe that with PBK, we can achieve even more impactful results for our clients and the broader community. We’re looking forward to this new chapter of growth and innovation.”

PBK and McGranahan’s combined team of experts will meet architectural design needs in the K-12 and higher education sector in the Pacific Northwest, as the region has been marked by an expansion in educational facilities and programs, aiming to accommodate the rising student population and evolving academic needs across the region.

Roy Montalbano, President of Client Relations and Strategic Partnerships at PBK
Image taken from PBK website

“Expanding into the Pacific Northwest represents a pivotal element of our growth strategy,” said Roy Montalbano, President of Client Relations and Strategic Partnerships at PBK. “This region’s dynamic economy and vibrant communities provide an ideal landscape for our company to introduce our innovative solutions and build lasting partnerships.”

The acquisition represents a significant development for PBK’s continued growth nationally. PBK’s national strategy of targeted partnerships – including in the Pacific Northwestern U.S. – has expanded the firm’s presence into new regions and markets as a leader in architectural planning and design.


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