June 20, 2024
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KGS Appoints Germaine Salmine as Shareholder Development Manager


In this role, Germaine Salmine will serve as the catalyst for Alutiiq talent development within Koniag Government Services (KGS), enhancing an already diverse and skilled workforce.

Recognizing the potential within Alaska Native communities, KGS is keen on aligning its staffing needs with the qualifications and ingenuity of the rising Indigenous talent. Ms. Salmine will play a key role in spearheading this initiative, ensuring a harmonious match between career opportunities at KGS and the exceptional qualifications of Alaska Native individuals across different stages of their professional journeys.

KGS CEO Kevin Wideman expressed, “This step highlights our dedication to harnessing the calibre of brilliance emerging from our Indigenous youth and job-seeking community. We aim for a relationship where the growth and prosperity of our workforce intertwine seamlessly with the advancement of our Native communities.”

Before joining KGS, Ms. Salmine served as the Executive Director of the Koniag Education Foundation, championing educational pursuits for Koniag Shareholders and their descendants. With over a decade of experience in the non-profit sector, specifically within community-based organizations for Alaska Native and American Indian communities, Ms. Salmine brings a wealth of expertise to her new role.

In this venture, KGS envisions a win-win scenario, not only enhancing career opportunities for the Alaska Native talent but also enriching the experiences of our valued customers. This move reflects a commitment to building a dynamic and inclusive organization that thrives on the unique strengths of its workforce, driving success for both KGS and the Alutiiq communities it serves.


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