July 18, 2024

CyberCube rebrand signals next step in corporate journey

CyberCube rebrand signals next step in corporate journey
CyberCube's CEO Pascal Milliare unveils the new logo Image taken from CyberCube website

CyberCube, the leading cyber risk modeling and analytics business, has unveiled a new logo and visual identity which CEO Pascal Milliare says reflects the firm’s “new set of even loftier aspirations”.

The new branding, called CyberCube 2.0, has been designed to mark the company’s transition from a start-up in 2015 to an established market-leading business. CyberCube quantifies cyber risk for over 100 clients in the global (re)insurance sector and has applications to assist with broader public and private sector cyber risk quantification needs.

In a blog post to announce the change (rebrand), Milliare said: “In 2015, we had lofty ambitions to become the pre-eminent cyber risk analytics partner to the insurance industry as a start-up organization that was being incubated by a Fortune 500 company. Today, we are that respected market leader with an impressive global client list and a broad portfolio of award-winning cyber analytics offerings.”

The new branding’s most obvious change is the appearance of a bold new “C-Device” brand mark, which sits alongside what the business describes as “unfussy contemporary typography”.

Talking about this new stage in CyberCube’s development, Millaire said: “We are raising our aspirations even further. Cyber has the potential to become one of the largest lines in P&C insurance and we intend to support that long-term growth. We are working with our clients to improve the resilience of organizations and society with our financial cyber analytics.”

CyberCube’s advanced analytics are used by 75% of the top 40 US and European cyber insurance carriers and the majority of the top 20 global insurance brokers.


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