July 18, 2024

ADAA and Majalis Abu Dhabi organize an educational session

ADAA and Majalis Abu Dhabi organize an educational session
ADAA and Majalis Abu Dhabi organize an educational session

In line with the pivotal role of all members of society in protecting public funds and resources, the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA), in collaboration with Majalis Abu Dhabi, has organized an educational session at the Majlis al Rawdah – Al Rawdah Al Sharqiyah in Abu Dhabi under the theme: “Public Funds, a core stone for country development and a national and individual duty”.

The session discussed public funds, which include money and other forms of resources owned by the government utilized as investments and expenditures in various areas, under the authority of the federal or local government, and is allocated in annual or biannual budgets, closely monitored and audited on various levels.

Khalifa Al Rashdi, Executive Auditor at the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority
Khalifa Al Rashdi, Executive Auditor at the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority

Khalifa Al Rashdi, Executive Auditor at the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, said: “The United Arab Emirates is known for its stable economic and political environment, enabling it to sustain the growth, progress and prosperity in various fields and sectors it enjoys today thanks to the extraordinary efforts by the federal and local government that contribute to the provision of the highest levels of services. At the forefront of these outstanding services is the preservation of public funds and safeguarding it from loss and misuse, which contribute to enhancement of the quality of life and raising the standards of living for every citizen, resident and all members of society.”

Al Rashdi added: “Preserving public funds is a national responsibility of every individual living in the UAE as a citizen or resident. Hence, we at Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority are constantly working to spread awareness of the principles of integrity and accountability among individuals, government entities and private institutions, thereby promoting transparency and good governance, as well as empowering subject entities and individuals to join forces in the quest to safeguard public funds.”

Al Rashdi continued: “We have a shared responsibility and the impact this has is significant when it comes to safeguarding public funds and resources. It positively effects the economy and reinforces the leading reputation of Abu Dhabi. Our main goal is to create a work culture among individuals and companies to enable individuals to actively contribute to the protection of public funds to build a society that thrives in accordance with the principles of integrity and accountability. We need to remember that each one of us has the right and responsibility to report any financial or administrative misconduct. We aim to build a sense of responsibility in every individual through the values of integrity and transparency, creating an environment that supports accountability.”

ADAA & Majalis Abu Dhabi
ADAA & Majalis Abu Dhabi

At the session, the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority highlighted the platforms that can help individuals to aid the process of safeguarding public funds and ensuring optimal use of it and improving audit quality in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADAA launched several initiatives recently, most notably the Wajib Platform, the Statutory Auditors Platform, and the Financial Disclosure System.

Attendees were briefed on the financial and administrative indiscretions that can be reported, most notably the following: loss of public funds and assets for subject entities, manipulation of the subject entity’s procurement processes, and any negligence or omission resulting in direct or indirect damage to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, any manipulation of financial statements of government or subject entity, administrative corruption, conflict of interest, abuse of power, any act affecting the emirate’s reputation, misappropriation of public funds and disclosure of official confidential information.

The lectures and programs organized in the neighbourhood majalis in Abu Dhabi aim to promote community participation, social cohesion and spread awareness of various topics through educational workshops and sessions that contribute to the preservation of public funds.

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