June 20, 2024
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Wildfire Water Solutions: A New Way to Fight Fire

Wildfire Water Solutions (WWS) announces a high-volume water network for the ultimate wildland firefighting tool. The system incorporates both suppression tactics as well as continuous water conveyance in the effort to save lives and prevent property damage.

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“We provide critical water networks and technology designed to confront catastrophic wildfire,” says Mike Echols, CEO, Wildfire Water Solutions. “We have built our systems with the knowledge of longtime wildfire incident commanders, wildfire professionals, and water logistics experts to create a safe and effective solution.”

Image taken from Wildfire Water Solutions

The WWS system includes:

  • Scalable high-volume water networks. WWS can move up to 300,000 gallons of water per hour in a continuous, uninterrupted stream. Fully automated transfer pumps can carry water to the fire from up to 75 miles away from its source.
  • Massive storage/Small footprint. Mobile storage tanks with 2,000 to 3 million gallons of capacity and “Tac Tanks,” with capacity of up to 20 thousand gallons, offer versatility and reliability to keep the water flowing.
  • Rapid deployment to remote locations. Tactical, rapid deployment systems can reach remote and rugged terrain. Water distribution networks can be deployed during a wildland fire emergency and can be fully operational in under 8 hours depending on location.
  • Automated delivery under pressure. Proprietary AquaView® network allows for real-time, 24/7 monitoring and precise control of water delivery. Advanced engineering, mapping, and leak detection systems ensure efficient management and rapid response to potential issues.
  • Sustainability. Access to a continuous water supply chain reduces the environmental footprint. WWS systems actively monitor pressure throughout the system to proactively mitigate leaks and can collect and reuse water limiting drawdown on the original source.
  • Commitment to safety. A series of pumps deliver enormous water volume to the fire zones with unparalleled reliability, safety, and efficiency. Continuous monitoring helps ensure a seamless operation.

WWS revolutionizes and enhances current wildland fire suppression and prevention resources while reducing risk to first responders, increasing public safety, and protecting public and private property and assets.

Decades of Experience

WWS is a joint venture with an industry leading provider of innovative, efficient, and sustainable water management solutions for industrial users nationwide. This technology stores, treats, and delivers billions of gallons of water to hundreds of project locations every day. WWS uses these same effective systems and equipment, applying the expertise gained through decades in the field into new and innovative applications in wildland firefighting.

Building and Maintaining Fire Resistant Landscapes

In addition to fighting wildland fire, WWS works with communities, municipalities, utilities, agricultural, and recreation areas to mitigate the risk of fire and protect life and property through pre-positioned storage tanks and preventative protection systems.

“Our scalable systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, structural, and wildland fire operations,” Echols says.


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