May 22, 2024
NFP announced its acquisition of HELPGB

Once Upon A Coconut and collaborates to deliver nutritious refreshments to visitors partners with Once Upon A Coconut partners with Once Upon A Coconut to bring healthy and sustainable refreshments directly to guests, the only network of luxury vacation rentals built for the future of life and work, recently announced a new partnership with Once Upon A Coconut, a leading producer of purpose-driven, sustainable and natural coconut water beverages. Each of Wander’s properties will be stocked with Once Upon A Coconut’s products to complement the uniquely stunning experience of staying in a Wander home.

In less than two years since launch, Wander has become renowned for its exclusive selection of luxury vacation rental homes that offer discerning travelers unparalleled comfort, style, and access to breathtaking natural surroundings. Once Upon A Coconut has gained a reputation for its commitment to providing consumers with the highest quality and most delicious coconut water on the market. The brand’s dedication to sourcing coconuts from sustainable and ethical farms, combined with its dedication to preserving the natural flavors and health benefits of coconuts, has made Once Upon A Coconut a trusted choice for health-conscious consumers worldwide.

This strategic partnership presents an opportunity for travelers seeking the perfect blend of wellness, relaxation, and indulgence. Wander guests will be greeted with a luxury setting and a selection of Once Upon A Coconut’s refreshing coconut water drinks.

“Our mission at Wander is to help people find their happy place,” said Rachel Entwistle, Director Guest Experience at Wander. “We’re excited to add Once Upon A Coconut to our incredible cohort of brand partners to complement the experience for our guests with their best-in-class, naturally sourced products.”

 Marc Sampogna, CMO and Co-Founder of Once Upon A Coconut

“Our partnership with Wander is a perfect match, as both of our brands share a deep commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, indulgence, and celebrating the wonders of nature,” said Marc Sampogna, CMO and Co-Founder of Once Upon A Coconut. “By combining Once Upon A Coconut’s refreshing coconut water with Wander’s portfolio of luxurious vacation rentals, we will transport guests to a realm of tropical bliss, where every moment is infused with relaxation, rejuvenation, and the joy of tropical indulgence.”


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