May 22, 2024
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Corona Partners with Tripadvisor to Boost Nature Travel


Corona, an AB InBev global brand, is again putting its passion for nature into practice, through a global partnership with Tripadvisor, the world’s largest digital travel community. Together, Corona and Tripadvisor will share new opportunities and recommendations that inspire people to disconnect and spend more time outdoors.

At the heart of the partnership is the launch of the Corona Global Hub, a digital ecosystem that has Corona-curated travel guides and itineraries, first-hand traveller insights and reviews, all designed to inspire people of legal drinking age to decide their next visit in nature, highlighting the best places to enjoy the sunset. To help make that travel a reality, Corona is powering discounts for those who want to book their nature-fuelled experiences. Users can also access the 2024 Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour, a global festival series, and book curated travel packages. Last year, the tour brought music, art and culinary experiences all rooted in nature to more than 50,000 people across five continents.

Regional hubs will also play an important role in encouraging and inspiring regional travel, showcasing how relaxation is closer than they might think and reinforcing how nature’s wonders are right around the corner. In partnership with travel creators and influencers, the Corona-curated regional itineraries are designed to foster discovery in local hidden gems and sunset spots. Starting in Chile, more will be launched yearly in South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Canada and more.

“Every time a lime drops into Corona, people feel transported to paradise and through our partnership with Tripadvisor, we’re now able to help get them there,” said Clarissa Pantoja, Vice President of Corona Global. “With these hubs, we are excited to reach more people – from those who haven’t yet travelled into nature but want to give it a try – to those who are looking for a quick getaway from routine. We inspire them all to explore outdoor experiences that help them relax and unwind.”

“Tripadvisor is home to a global travel community of hundreds of millions of people, sharing and seeking out inspiration and guidance for their next adventure,” said Christine Maguire, Global Vice President of Sales & Partnerships, at Tripadvisor. “We want to help people become better travellers, and with around one in five Tripadvisor users prioritising nature and the outdoors on their holiday, this partnership with Corona is an exciting opportunity to showcase a host of global destinations, with first-hand traveller insight and experience, to get people excited about where to explore next.”

To kick things off, Corona unveiled The Wonderful Letter, inspired by thousands of traveller reviews that encapsulate the feeling of awe and wonder travel generates. The Wonderful Letter will direct commuters to pause from their busy daily routines and explore the global hub to get inspired to book their next trip to nature. The letter will go live in Chile and locations around the globe in the months to come.


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