March 4, 2024

Belkin Launches the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro Featuring DockKit


Belkin, a leading consumer electronics brand for 40 years, yesterday introduced the first-ever accessory to work with DockKit – the Auto-Tracking Stand Pro. The all-new Stand Pro provides automatic, silent, motorized, seamless camerawork using the iPhone’s built-in camera, and DockKit’s automated subject tracking technology to follow subjects on camera as they move around their space with 360 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt. It is the perfect accessory for immersive video calls or recording interactive content that involves a high degree of movement.

“The Stand Pro is unlike any other Belkin product we’ve created. Combining premium Belkin quality, impressively responsive robotics, and advanced subject tracking technology with DockKit, we’re excited to provide content creators with a thoughtfully designed product that will effortlessly enhance the creation process,” said Melody Tecson, Belkin’s vice president of product management. “We are proud to deliver the world’s first DockKit-enabled accessory, and we look forward to bringing more content creation products to market.”

Designed for iOS for use with front and rear cameras, DockKit allows users to easily create, present, and record without having to download third-party apps in just four easy steps:

  1. Snap iPhone 12 or later with MagSafe onto Stand Pro using MagSafe
  2. Pair via NFC
  3. Open camera on FaceTime, Instagram, TikTok, Canva, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or other social media apps or messaging platforms
  4. Start creating

With the Stand Pro, users can easily extend the field of view to 360 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt by supporting a pitch and yaw motion model and an automatic system tracker. This lets creators focus on the content while DockKit automatically keeps the subject in frame at all angles while capturing natural movements without needing manual adjustment.

Key features, pricing, and availability:

  • Made with MagSafe – charge and chat simultaneously with fast wireless charging up to 15W when the Stand Pro is plugged in.
  • 360º Movement Tracking – movement tracking with DockKit always keeps people in frame no matter how many times they circle the room.
  • 90º Motorized Auto Tilt – capture at any angle using front or rear cameras with automatic video angle adjusting for high or low.
  • Single button activation – turn movement tracking on or off with one button; an LED indicator will indicate if tracking is active.
  • Rechargeable battery – no wall outlet, no problem; the dock provides 5 hours of battery life for capturing content on the go.
  • 5ft USB-C cable and 30W power supply included.

The Auto-Tracking Stand Pro is made more responsibly with a minimum of 75% PCR materials and sold in plastic-free packaging in line with the company’s commitment to find more responsible ways to build products.


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