April 20, 2024
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The HR World Summit stands as an exclusive, by-invitation-only strategic gathering tailored for HR leaders within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It serves as a meticulously crafted platform intertwining learning and networking, aimed at delving profoundly into the imminent challenges facing the industry while pinpointing optimal strategies for effectively surmounting them.

Recognizing the importance of not merely addressing current HR hurdles but also proactively preparing for the future, the HR World Summit offers a dynamic blend of interactive panels, workshops, and expert-led discussions. Through these avenues, attendees are poised to glean invaluable insights into the transformative potential of HR initiatives, aligning them seamlessly with national visions and organizational objectives.

Gathering an esteemed cohort comprising over 150 CHROs, VP/SVPs of HR, Directors of HR, Heads of Talent Management, Heads of Learning and Development, Employee Relations Managers, and other esteemed experts in the field, this platform stands ready to equip participants with indispensable tools essential for organizational transformation. Whether it’s navigating evolving landscapes or maximising potential, the HR World Summit promises to empower attendees with actionable insights and strategic foresight.

The event will cover topics such as:

  • The Vital Role-played by Human Resources in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.
  • Future of Work Unveiled – Navigating Tomorrow’s Workplace Through Leadership Transformation and Rule-Breaking Innovation.
  • Unleashing Unity – Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in Saudi Arabia’s Workforce.
  • Unleashing HR Brilliance – Embracing Digital Transformation and Mastering Technology Integration.
  • Thriving Minds, Flourishing Lives – Nurturing Employee Well-being and Mental Resilience.

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